Social elections postponed

Social elections postponed
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As announced in our yesterday newsflash, it has now been confirmed that the social partners have reached an informal consensus to postpone the 2020 social elections.

In the coming days, they will reflect on the practical details and legal consequences, after which the final consensus will be enshrined in legislation.

It has already been announced that the social elections procedure will be paused ('frozen') from day X+36 and that all procedural steps falling after X+35 will be postponed until a date still to be determined, but most probably after the summer.

On this date to be determined, the procedure will then be resumed from day X+36.

However, the procedural steps up and until day X+35 will have to be completed now. This implicates that the candidates lists will have to be filed with the employer by 30 March 2020 at the latest (if the final date of 24 May was chosen as the election day).

Yet, the obligatory first posting of the candidates lists that the employer must take care of on day X+40 will be postponed.

As soon as there is more clarity about the exact consequences of the postponement, we will let you know.

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