The 2020 Action Plan of the Social Information and Investigation Service : its highlights and focus areas

The 2020 Action Plan of the Social Information and Investigation Service : its highlights and focus areas
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The Social Information and Investigation Service (“SIOD/SIRS”) has published its 2020 Action Plan “Fight against Social Fraud and Social Dumping”. This plan reveals the strategy and the top priorities of the inspection services for 2020. The 2020 Action Plan is built around five strategic objectives, resulting in 55 specific actions. We summarize the highlights of the 2020 Action Plan below so that you can see at a glance if and when your sector is being targeted this year.


Overview of the strategic objectives

The strategic objectives are as follows:

20200131 Action Plan SIOD 1


Focus on some specific actions

Here are some of the most eye-catching envisaged actions:


20200131 Action Plan SIOD 2 xtra

20200131 Action Plan SIOD 3 bis



More and more data will be exchanged between the different social inspection services. Data mining (i.e. searching for links between various sets of data) and data matching (i.e. comparing various sets of data) are considered as key to detecting fraudulent practices.

In addition, the inspection services will work more closely with the police, which will include the optimisation of the exchange of data, as well as with the tax administration (“BBI / ISI”).

Finally, there will be increased cross-border cooperation between the social inspection services (e.g. between the social security administrations of various countries for detecting fraud with A1 forms).


In the event of a social inspection audit, whether announced or unannounced, ALTIUS’ Employment Team can assist you. The type of assistance you may require could cover a wide range of aspects, including: conducting pro-active compliance audits, the follow-up and communication with the social inspection services, the preparation and execution of a salary and/or social security regularisation, concluding transaction agreements with the public prosecutor, or representing the company before the labour tribunals.


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