Influencers and IP rights: Top 5 most asked practical questions by brands

Influencers and IP rights: Top 5 most asked practical questions by brands

TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, ... these are all social networks that have sparked the development of a new form of advertising over the past years: influencer marketing. Nowadays, major brands not only call on advertising agencies to promote their brands, but also rely on people commonly known as “influencers” for their promotional campaigns. Influencers are individuals who are active on some or all of the above-mentioned social networks, are followed by a large community of users (also known as “followers”) and have built and maintained a form of credibility in certain sectors (such as lifestyle, hobbies, culture, business, etc.).

Although the effectiveness of influencer marketing is now well-established, many brands are still confused about its legal aspects. The questions arising are wide-ranging and will be covered in more details over the course of several blogposts to be published in the coming weeks. In this first blogpost, we focus on the questions most often asked by brands regarding intellectual property rights, since the content created by influencers in the context of their partnership with brands is very often protected by IP rights.

Any other questions? ALTIUS' IP team is available to provide you with further guidance regarding this matter.


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