ALTIUS Academy

ALTIUS Academy

ALTIUS Academy is a substantive internal training programme offering you a supporting roadmap to success. The programme is designed to enhance your legal knowledge and to develop your soft skills.

The courses are given for our lawyers and also (often) are given by our lawyers, so that everyone can benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. Soft skill training sessions are given by external professionals. All courses are tailor-made according to seniority and practice areas.


ALTIUS Academy internal sessions

Each month a ‘ hot’ legal topic is presented by an ALTIUS lawyer from a different practice. The aim is to enrich your crossborder legal knowledge and to stay up-to-date with the latest legal trends. Everybody is welcome!

Effective legal writing

The way we draft our advice and legal documents is part of a core activity. Client-friendly, concise language is essential. That is why we believe training in effective legal writing by professional coaches is important.

English legal writing – summer course

This practical course is given to our junior associates and summer interns by our English-language reviewer/proofreader.

ALTIUS Academy +

For associates with 6 years of experience, we offer tailor-made group workshops (2 per year) around specific business-related topics. These workshops are given by professional coaches. But you are central in this journey, which is why we start with an ‘Insights’ workshop.

ALTIUS Academy Excellence

For associates with 8 years of experience, we offer an individual coaching path spread out over 5 sessions with a professional coach to deepen your professional and business development within ALTIUS. We also focus in-group on soft skills such as networking, feedback, time management and stress & work-life balance.

ALTIUS Academy for staff

To further develop the soft skills of our professional staff, we organize workshops on stress-management, communications and leadership and other relevant topics.

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