Application procedure

You are only four steps away from working at ALTIUS:

Step 1 - send us your CV and motivation/cover letter

  • We prefer to receive your application via the ALTIUS website. This way, your application is immediately entered into our database, which is managed by our HR team.
  • When looking for a first bar internship, also add the transcripts of your third year Bachelor and your Masters.
  • Please don’t send your application directly to a partner or any other ALTIUS lawyer.
  • Upon receipt of your application, our recruiters will look for a possible fit with the office. If there is, they will send the application to the partner(s) in question.
  • We try to provide applicants with an answer within 2 weeks, even though it is not always possible to meet that deadline due to office ‘hustle and bustle’.

Step 2 - invitation to a first introductory meeting

  • If the partner(s) are interested in your profile, then you will receive an invitation for an initial introductory interview.
  • During this first meeting, depending on the position in question and your profile, the composition of your interviewer(s) can vary. For example, there may be one or more partners from a department, a partner together with a senior associate, or a partner together with the HR manager.

Step 3 - a second interview

  • If the interviewers have viewed the introductory conversation outcome as positive, you will receive a second invitation. Again, your interviewers may vary from a junior to a senior associate or partner.
  • In some cases, this second interview will also be the final interview.
    In other cases, an additional round may be organised in which the candidate is asked to discuss a legal case.

Step 4 - the collaboration proposal

  • After successfully completing the steps above, you will receive a detailed collaboration proposal from us within the week.
  • Welcome to ALTIUS! You are now part of the ALTIUS ‘family’.
  • A week prior to your joining us, you will receive an e-mail from our HR department with the welcome programme that you will go through on your first day at ALTIUS.
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