Now that you have finished your studies, you are looking for a wonderful law firm to start your career as a lawyer. Look no further!

At ALTIUS you will receive, next to guidance and mentorship, the room to grow. As from day one you will be involved in meetings with clients. We want to ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary skills to develop your career as a top lawyer. It also means we want to give you an environment in which you can thrive, with an open-door policy, monthly afterwork events, and various team-building activities throughout the year.

We want our junior lawyers to feel supported and at ease at ALTIUS. Let’s hear what your future colleagues have to say about that:  

 Fauve Bex 2Fauve, Associate for IP & Dispute Resolution: “I jumped into my professional career by working for ALTIUS and could not have hoped for a better fit. I very much appreciate the support and guidance at ALTIUS, and especially within my team, together with the great atmosphere (a small chat in the kitchen (or online) is never too far away). This constantly triggers me intellectually and encourages me to become a better lawyer. ALTIUS allows you to grow as a lawyer and to understand that being a lawyer requires you to speak the client’s language.”


JessicJessica Xiong 2a, Associate for Real Estate and Regulatory: “Whether I am working from home or in the office, every day is different as it brings new experiences. There is the collaborative atmosphere among the lawyers, which is stimulated through team-building activities, soft skills workshops and in-house seminars. I also enjoy assisting our variety of clients who entrust us with their legal problems and the fact that I can always rely on our outstanding support staff members makes each work day pleasant and enjoyable. Our pursuit of delivering excellent work and firm results makes it clear that this is done TOGETHER within ALTIUS!” 


A career development path is designed early on with your mentor, and together with your achievements and annual formal collaboration evaluation, this will allow your responsibilities and experience to grow at ALTIUS.


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