Insolvency and Restructuring

At ALTIUS, we understand our clients’ needs in difficult times.

First, we assist debtors, financial institutions or other stakeholders in making the appropriate, strategic choices to secure the continuity of their (clients’) business and support their long-term growth.

We are aware that we have a very delicate task when working with companies considering how to restructure their debt. Our first consideration is to understand the extent of the insolvency, evaluate the legal, commercial and strategic risks involved, and then come up with the right solutions.

In large and complex restructurings, we work closely together with lawyers in related practice areas, including our employment team and the tax lawyers of Tiberghien. As a result, we can provide a seamless and integrated service.

Furthermore, we specialise in the recovery of distressed debt. We can provide assistance in the framework of insolvency-related litigation and are frequently acting for secured or unsecured creditors to recover funds and goods.

Bart Heynickx is a member of INSOL Europe, the European organisation of professionals, which specialises in insolvency, business reorganisation and recovery, and is acting as Co-Chair of INSOL Europe’s Anti-Fraud Forum.

How we can help

  • Assisting clients with reorganising their business to safeguard the continuation of their activities, both through out-of-court restructuring or by requesting protection from creditors to drafting, negotiating and implementing a reorganisation plan
  • Analysing and improving creditors’ positions regarding guarantees and securities
  • Defending clients’ interests when business partners are bankrupt, on the verge of insolvency or are applying for judicial protection against their creditors
  • Obtaining judicial protection, whether in the framework of the Belgian Economic Code (Book XX) or through the recognition of foreign protective court orders
  • Recovering (un)secured claims or unpaid goods from companies under judicial protection or bankrupt companies
  • Taking over the assets of businesses as a going concern from companies that are under judicial protection


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