Africa is the continent of new opportunities across virtually all sectors. ALTIUS can guide your investments and activities on the African continent (mainly in the Sub-Sahara) from the very first ideas, through their development and construction up to their final realisation.  Business is not conducted in the same way as you may be used to and the legal environment is also quite different.  ALTIUS’ Africa team members have invested, over many years, in the development of particular expertise in this continent.

We have the know-how, the experience and the contacts to assist you in your developments in this interesting and challenging place of business.  We assist international companies and banks regarding their exports, financing, investments and projects in Africa.  We are, in particular, engaged in infrastructure, energy, finance and mining work.  We also work for African companies, which helps us develop our knowledge of the local environment.

ALTIUS is familiar with OHADA law and also analyses the relevant country laws, together with our local contacts, to ensure high-quality work.  We are very regularly ‘on the ground’ in Africa to ensure on-the-spot support.

How we can help

  • Provide general legal information on specific countries
  • Assist in considering an approach for entering into partnerships
  • Analyse local laws iregarding foreign investment
  • Apply international standards to contractual arrangements
  • Carry out due diligence investigations
  • Draft the legal documentation for a project or financing
  • Consider the security of a project
  • Assist inanalysing and complying with local regulations
  • Provide legal support in the case of any disputes


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