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There is no business like show business.

We are aware that the entertainment business is a business with specific legal needs. Our expert entertainment lawyers have the knowledge and experience to offer you the tailor-made solutions that are in your best interest. We aim to assist you in sustaining the smooth development of your career and business and furthermore, help you dealing with your daily challenges.

We offer unique insights into the industry along with a strong commercial approach that understands the fast-paced needs of the market. Obviously our lawyers work hand in hand with our tax colleagues form Tiberghien in giving you a comprehensive and thorough service.

We serve the full spectrum of the entertainment business for all of the different stakeholders: audio-visual, theatre, choreography, music, gaming, gambling, etc. Our clients vary from audio-visual production companies, performing artists, DJ’s and producers, record labels, publishers, managers, event organisers, users, to game developers and gambling operators.

Our services are also targeted to the arts sector including fine arts, theatre, choreography and design. Our clients include, amongst others, product designers, fashion designers, painters and photographers.

ALTIUS has become a friend of Ancienne Belgique (AB), one of the most established musical institutions in Brussels and Belgium. Thanks to this friendship, we are able to connect with people in the entertainment industry and gain more knowledge in this field.

A taste of our experience:


  • Business set-up
  • Financing
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals


  • Advertising
  • Marketing, promotion & sponsoring
  • Social media


  • Copyright & neighbouring rights
  • Trademarks
  • Domain names
  • Software & databases
  • Technology patents


  • GDPR compliance
  • Publicity rights including image rights
  • Freedom of speech & defamation


  • (Co-) production
  • Artists & management
  • Publishing
  • Licensing, distribution, franchise
  • Labour & volunteers
  • Insurances


  • Pre-litigation advice
  • Litigation, mediation & arbitration


  • All domains of (cross-border) taxation
  • Estate and asset planning
  • Valuations
  • Tax Shelter

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