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Legal advice on a wide variety of new technologies and digital innovations

Due to the combination of experience from our different legal departments, our Digital Team is able to provide you with hands-on and commercially sound legal advice on a wide variety of new technologies and digital innovations, including:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • What are Al’s legal implications for e-recruitment, automated credit rating or insurance decisions?
  • What are the key issues in your business process automation contracts (such as logistics and supply chain management)?
  • Does product liability apply to the acts of an artificially intelligent product or entity?


  • How can you monitor your employees’ use of the Internet?
  • What are your obligations in the event of a security incident?
  • What are the steps to take if your company has been the victim of cybercrime (such as tech support scams, phishing or hacking)?


  • How to align this technology with data protection rules?
  • How to finance your public blockchain or cryptocurrency project through an ICO?
  • How can blockchain help you to manage digital rights?
  • Can you patent or otherwise protect your blockchain invention? If so, how can you enforce your patent?

Internet of things

  • How to manage the complex contractual set-up?
  • How to comply with telecoms rules in the context of machine-to-machine communications?
  • How to comply with the rules governing personal and non-personal data?

Cloud computing

  • What arrangements should you make when outsourcing your customer’s data to a cloud provider?
  • How to guarantee effective consumer protection in this digital environment?

Sharing economy

  • How can you legally set-up a platform to share resources (e.g. real estate)?
  • What is the liability of platforms for the services shared by their users?

3D printing

  • How to enforce IP rights in this context?


  • How can you legally use drones?
  • To what extent can you record images of private and public areas?

We also regularly advise technology groups, start-ups, and investors in relation to matters such as:

  • Company formations, shareholders agreements, venture capital investments and financing;
  • Acquisitions, joint ventures, divestures, reorganizations, MBO’s, LBO’s, capital markets and exits;
  • The protection of their technologies, licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements and IP dispute resolution;
  • Data protection;
  • Employment and management agreements, including IP and non-compete clauses, employment dispute resolution and restructurings;
  • Commercial, telecom, software and other technology-related agreements and dispute resolution, as well as general conditions of sale or purchase;
  • Antitrust advising and dispute resolution;
  • Public procurement, permits and other administrative law advising and dispute resolution.

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